Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Three Month Whirl Wind

Aircraft - Robinson R44
Location -Sky River Helicopters, Pittstown, NJ
Take off


It is coming up on three months that I have started working, and I must say that I love it.  I really enjoy my job, having responsibility, getting up every day to go to work.  I just really like working! The people I work with are great too - so that just makes it that much better.  

The instability that I felt before has passed, and a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders these past couple of months.  Unfortunately, I have been so busy working, spending time with friends, shopping, relaxing, and on the rescue squad that I have had no time for taking pictures or updating this blog.

Since the end of summer is quickly approaching, I had my cousin come over the other day to take some pictures - and I will be positing them up over the next week or so.

Coolest thing that I have done in the past three months?  Fly in a helicopter!  Pictured are come of the photographs that I took of the helicopter.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day Dream Perfection

Photograph via Nikon D90

The more blogs that I read, the more I envision myself sitting in a quiet, small city cafe sipping on a cup of strong, warm coffee and typing away on my laptop.  Well the reality is that I wake up in my parents house in my pajamas, too "comfortable" to change out of them!  In the suburbs everything is quiet... no need to step into cafe to get away from the busy streets.  However, I do have a laptop, a delicious coffee maker, a country style kitchen table sitting in front of a bay window.  The window overlooks our backyard filled with blooming flowers - roses and peonies  of every shade, from white to pink to red to a deep luxurious purple.
It really is a little piece of heaven... especially since my dad is sitting across the table from me.... on his laptop & chatting away on the phone in his thick accent.... LOVE YOU DAD!
As I sit down to read a couple of blogs, while my coffee cup goes from full to empty, I remember there is a 20% off sale at Loehmann's - and I am off without having written a single word for my blog.  

Shock: I successfully photographed my space.  Why? Over the course of the last two weeks I realized that I am not a constant picture taker.  Since starting my blog I have had ample opportunities to photograph my outfits, here are some of the things that I missed out on photographing:
1. Wedding
2. A Night Out in NYC3.  The next day in NYC - everything fit into my purse!
4. Job interview
5. The delicious roasted chicken pieces that I made the other weekend
4. Night out to the bar with a couple of guys from work
5. Dinner & tiki bar with a friend
6. BBQ
7. Job Celebration dinner with my parents :)
8. My Cousin's graduation from Law School!

... as you can see, I have plenty of content, but that does not matter when I did not photograph any of it!!  Perhaps I will crop myself out of the photos that others took.

Not sure if you caught on there: I GOT A JOB! I GOT A JOB! I GOT A JOB! 

Laptop by Apple
Coffee by Senseo
iPhone4 by Apple
iPhone case by OtterBox - Defender Series

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Beginning

I have recently been re-evaluating my life, I am starting this blog for a number of reasons:
1. To work on my writing skills - four year of majoring in a biology related field does not lend itself well to story telling, detailed writting abilities`.
2. Start something and stick to it - yes, yes I am another one of those people that likes to start a lot of different things, but am very.... lets call it "picky" when it comes to chosing the ones I stick to.
3. Have a place where I can record all of the things that interest me
4. Perhaps use it as a tool to figure myself out better
5. Work on my photography skills - who knows maybe I will like it once I figure out how to use a camera - I like pictures, they say a picture says a hundred words - or something like that.  Well I figure those words will be very helpful it allowing me to have to write less! 

I have not decided what I am going to post about yet, it will probably be a huge variety of things since my interests are so (slightly) varied.  I enjoy cooking, or more specifically food!  I do cook in spurts- that tend to follow weather changes, when the house is freezing my fingers are just too numb to do any cooking!!  Some fashion ideas - I would not call myself a fashionista as much as a fan of fashion.  I definitely have my own unique style - at least what is what people tell me - I am always unsure if that is a good or a bad thing though.... Some pictures - mine are mainly of flowers, things, building, trees - people not so much.  So yes, I basically live the typical life of a 24 year old, barely employed suburbian.

When I wake up and before I go to bed, I spend about 20 minutes  reading random online things on my phone - recently I have switched from being an avid follower of TextsFromLastNight (highly immature, yet equally as entertaining ) though recenetly there are so many drug related posts that I have decided to make a switch to reading about more important things like - fashion!!!  So I have switched to following fashion magazines and most recently some fashion blogs - 9to5Chic has quickly become my favorite.  This has been one of  major things pushing me to start my own - why not?  

So... here goes nothing!