Sunday, May 17, 2015

Little Man Baby Shower

For my friend's baby shower I was in charge of games, and decorations and my mom did the flowers and a baby sock topiary.  We chose baby blue as the color with white and silver accents.  

For the activites, we set up a few stations for people to do on their own and the played blind folded diaper changing and baby bottle chugging.  

I was able to order 8oz main jars, ikea picture frames, the baby bottles, and mustache banner on Amazon. Etsy had a lot of great little signs, but to be able to make more of my own personalizations, I made my own templates in Microsoft Word.  

This was the first baby shower I have ever even attended.  Although I got the majority of my ideas on Pinterest, there was very little direction as where to find all of the things needed to make them. What I didn't get on Amazon I found in Michaels, the dollar store, Home Goods, and Party City.  The baby food I got at BuyBuyBaby but then realized they sell at the grocery store.  

We set up an activity station for everyone to participate with instructions.  For the baby bottle chug - I got slow pour bottles, and filled them up 3/4 of the way with water.  I suggest Filling up only about 2 inches.

Plates and napkins from Party City.  I used extra mason jars to hold the utensils.

Blind folded diaper changing was really funny!  We put the diapers on with "poop" candy inside that they had to change without losing the poop.  

Diaper Decorating had the most participants! I bought diapers in size 1 & 2 and used markers I already had.  I recommend not to use very thin pen like makers - they tear through the diaper.

This is a plain bear from build a bear with a baby bowie from Target.  The parents can use the bow tie for the baby when he is born and the bear can go in his nursery.

For the guest book, I used a scrap book and instead of markers, coloring pencils so nothing would leak through to the other side. 

I got the idea for these mason jars on Pinterest, bought everything at the dollar store for the inside, but Essie polishes would be so nice with a larger budget. 
4x6 white Ikea frames, sign from Home goods
I made labels in Word by making a 1" circle and adding text to it.  Then I copied it spread out on 1 page and printed on a card stock sheet from the craft store and used 1" circle punch.  I suggest buying the individual sheets in 8x11 so they fit the printer easily.  I also used the circle with a number inside for the baby food game.  They all fit on one sheet for the number I needed.

We used 4 of these centerpieces for the tables, and out out a few smaller arrangements on mason jars.

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  1. Wonderful décor part for this party. Got great ideas to arrange a nice and unique themed party of my son at NYC venues. Making a list of his friends, and hope my family would love the arrangements. Going to book a nice cake for him.